South africa world cup 2010 project leadership

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2010 FIFA World Cup

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InSouth Africa will host the FIFA World Cup, a major international sporting event. Although South Africa has previously hosted a number of international sports events [1] and large gatherings [2] that attracted regional and international attention, hosting the soccer World Cup is a markedly different security scenario.

Grant Thornton estimates that South Africa saw up toarrivals specifically for the World Cup, and many more from people who changed their itineraries to coincide with the event.

June retail sales were up % on June South Africa has made an undertaking that the legacy of the Fifa World Cup will not be confined to the host country, and has made the continent-wide legacy one of the core focus areas of preparations for the event.

The African Union is actively involved in this continent-wide initiative. Football's world governing body faced fresh pressure Saturday, after media reports said the highest levels of South Africa's government approved a $million payment that US investigators suspect was a bribe to get the World Cup.

Then president Thabo Mbeki and foreign minister Nkosazana. Introduction This project contains a brief overview of the enormous and complex project of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The main idea of the project was to understand various theories of project management and know how to apply them to a real life case.

Project Management Journal, 46(3), 88– Reprints and Permissions This article describes how the management and organization of the South African FIFA World Cup stadium program shaped the current legacy of an oversupply of overdesigned and underutilized stadiums.

South africa world cup 2010 project leadership
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