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Politics of China

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Politburo of the Communist Party of China

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How political Islam is gaining ground in Southeast Asia despite the fall of Islamic State

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3 Political Environment

Others are more general and organised on a provable basis. The politics of Hong Kong takes place in a framework of a political system dominated by its quasi-constitutional document, the Hong Kong Basic Law, its own legislature, the Chief Executive as the head of government and of the Special Administrative Region and of a multi-party system.

China still has to face many challenges: an ageing population and shrinking workforce, the lack of openness of its political system and issues of competitiveness in an economy dependent on high capital spending and the expansion of credit.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign is the broadest and deepest effort to purge, reorganize and rectify the Communist Party leadership since the death of Mao Zedong in and the rise of Deng Xiaoping two years later.

Nov 23,  · The best fix is a political one. Centre-local tussles: What a debt crisis in the provinces says about governing China. Visitors in China and Taiwan have very different views of the late dictator. China still has to face many challenges: an ageing population and shrinking workforce, the lack of openness of its political system and issues of competitiveness in an economy dependent on high capital spending and the expansion of credit.

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