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Theses & Dissertations

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PhD by Dissertation The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is offered in all Faculties of the University. In the Faculty of Commerce it is a research degree on an advanced topic under supervision. Course outline: At Master’s level, students must submit a supervised dissertation on an approved topic not exceeding 25, words.

Students are required to present a dissertation proposal for approval prior to the allocation of a supervisor. Residential Master’s students are required to participate in the Departmental Master’s/PhD seminars. Home > Postgraduate Teaching > Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) The PhD is by research thesis.

Candidates work closely with one or more supervisor(s), University of Cape Town Observatory, South Africa. Telephone number +27 21 Facsimile +27 21 Quick Links.

university of cape town UCT aspires to become a premier academic meeting point between South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world.

Taking advantage of expanding global networks and our distinct vantage point in Africa, we are committed, through innovative research and scholarship, to grapple with the key issues of our natural and social worlds.

The thesis may not be more than 80‚ words. A candidate will undertake research‚ and such advanced study as may be required, under the guidance of a supervisor or supervisors appointed by Senate.

The Doctoral Degrees Board (DDB) approves PhD candidates and administers the examination of PhD theses. Procedure for examination. After you have finished your research, you must submit a thesis for examination.

Your supervisor will tell you when the thesis is acceptable for submission.

Phd by dissertation university of cape town
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