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Ph.D. Programs

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Graduate Program

Schubert covers, ladder determinantal varieties and appealing varieties Advisor:. PhD in Mathematics of Information (Cambridge Mathematics of Information - CMI) For detailed information on University funding deadlines and the applications process please visit the University's Graduate Admissions webpages.

The master’s thesis is to be submitted electronically to the Mathematics Faculty Graduate Office ([email protected]) with Agreement to Read MMath Thesis Form for a display period of two weeks (please give business days for processing and CC your Graduate Coordinator).

Even so, if you have ambitions to do a PhD, or are just enthusiastic about mathematical research, you should consider doing a thesis. You should be aware of the Math Department's Thesis Policy, as well as those of the college and university: NSS Procedures for the Master's Thesis. Theses & Dissertation Department of Mathematical Sciences | Path:math/theses-and-dissertation | FORMAT REQUIREMENTS College of Arts & Sciences forms, including the CAS Style Guide, can be found on this page.

Review this before beginning your thesis or dissertation. You must provide the college with two signature pages on bonded paper (see the graduate secretary for this.

At MIT I was an Instructor in Pure Mathematics –, Models with High Scott Rank, PhD thesis, Harvard University, Patents. System and method for relativistic statistical securities trading, with Alexander Wissner-Gross, U.S.

Patent 8, (). Mathematics. 1. Direct replacement in limit problems We noted that when we solved limit problems limx?a f(x), sometimes the final answer was just f(a).

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