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And while it is used here to suggest a scaffold for inquiry-based science teaching and learning, it closely resembles how scientists work and, in interesting ways, how children learn. Scientific inquiry provides the opportunity for children to develop a range of skills, either explicitly or implicitly.

their Early Years programmes, valuing inquiry led and play based learning, and confident that they were supporting Learner Profile Attributes, and preparing children for entry to school. Inquiry-based learning is a research-based strategy that actively involves students in the exploration of the content, issues, and questions surrounding a curricular area or concept.

Inquiry experiences can provide valuable opportunities for students to improve their understanding of both science content and scientific practices. However, the implementation of inquiry learning in classrooms presents a number of significant challenges.

We have been exploring these challenges through a program of research on the use of scientific visualization technologies to support inquiry. Inquiry Based Learning is a pedagogy that engages students in finding solutions to important and meaningful questions through investigation and collaboration with others (Blumenfeld, et.

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