Interactive whiteboard handwriting activities

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Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources

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Veterans Day Interactive Games

Interactive maps and matching activities can be used to engage students physically with this information. Teachers can use an interactive whiteboard to show students how to use computer programs, create avatars, and discuss world issues.

Here is a list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning: General Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Teachers. TeacherLED – TeacherLED is a site dedicated to making the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) easier and more productive.

This comprehensive site features resources to use with IWBs in math, English, and geometry.

Penpals for Handwriting: Penpals for Handwriting Year 2 Interactive

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for year olds. The Year 4 Penpals for Handwriting Interactive activities support direct teaching to the whole class via interactive whiteboard. Want to use this resource, but don't need it?

Add a reminder on the calendar and we'll send you an email with a link to download the resource. Free access to help you learn English skills online using over interactive activity lessons, games, worksheets and videos Placeholder title Handwriting Practice Course English Grade Kinder Section Handwriting Outcome Handwriting Demonstration Activity Type Whiteboard Activity ID Activity: View similar activities.

Interactive whiteboard handwriting activities
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