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Doctor of Philosophy in Education

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HLS Dissertations, Theses, and JD Papers. Guide to finding Harvard Law School dissertations, LL.M.


papers, and JD papers in HOLLIS and elsewhere. Home; John M. Olin Prize in Law and Economics Project on the Foundations of Private Law Prize Sidney I. Roberts Prize Fund. The American Economics Association has awarded Parag Pathak (PHD BE ) the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal.

Coordinated JD/PhD Program

The award is given to an outstanding economist under the age of 40 who has produced outstanding research in economics. residence-du-pelam.com's 22nd annual Energy Risk USA returned to Houston on Maywith an agenda highlighting the biggest trends in the industry with particular focus on topics revolving around the.


Project for Justice, Welfare, and Economics Summer Grant, at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Project for Justice, Welfare, and Economics Dissertation Research Fellowship at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Harvard offers over economics courses.

Foundations of Human Behavior Initiative Studying various mechanisms that influence human behavior in hopes of improving human well-being.

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