Dov gordon phd thesis

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Samuel Dov Gordon September 10, Contact Information George Mason University phone: Department of Computer Science My PhD thesis is on fairness in secure computation. Other topics included the application of game theory to cryptography, byzantine agreement, zero knowledge proof systems, and lattice based cryptography.

My PhD thesis is Dov Gordon Phd Thesis - Dov Gordon Phd Thesis Professional graduate thesis Dissertation defence masters of education essays Dissertation Defence phd thesis on textile industry full research proposalThe best way to. Should i not do my homework Dissertation Defence Process graduate studies essay.

Samuel Dov Gordon September 22, Ph.D. Computer Science, July M.S. Computer Science, May Advisor: Jonathan Katz Columbia University, Columbia College, New York, NY USA B.A., computer science theory track, May Minor in physics, May My PhD thesis is on fairness in secure computation.

Dov Gordon

Other topics. Dov Gordon, Tal Malkin, Mike Rosulek and Hoteck Wee Eurocrypt Halevi, Lindell, and Pinkas (CRYPTO ) recently proposed a model for secure computation that captures communication patterns that arise in many practical settings, such as secure computation on the web.

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Dov gordon phd thesis
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