Aunt jennifers tigers

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An Analysis of Adrienne Rich's

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Analysis of Poem

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What is the meaning of Adrienne Rich's

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Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Summary

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An Analysis of Adrienne Rich's

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The figures represent what Jennifer churches marriage and men should be, while at the same extracurricular representing the strength which May wishes that she possessed. Adrienne Rich and Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Aunt Jennifer's Tigers is a poem about an oppressed woman who escapes into an alternative world of embroidery and sewing, despite a heavy marriage to a.

The speaker tells us about her Aunt Jennifer's needlework tapestry, which features beautiful bright tigers prancing. Snazzy! The tigers are strong and have no fears, so they've got that going for them. Aunt Jennifer, though, is not so free.

The speaker tells us about the metaphorical weight of Aunt. In this early poem, Rich connects Aunt Jennifer’s creation and creativity to a certain freedom and immortality; her tigers are a made thing that required hours of work in a craft, needlepoint.

Adrienne Rich's poem, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is a story of oppression and (we can infer) violence. However, the threat is not from the tigers. "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is, however, an even clearer statement of conflict in women, specifically between the impulse to freedom and imagination (her tapestry of prancing tigers) and the "massive weight" of gender roles.

Critical Analysis of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers. The formalism of “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” hides the more troubling features of the poem and aides the theme of Aunt Jennifer’s ordeals in marriage to the more poetic subject of the divine existence of art.

Aunt jennifers tigers
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