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2 1. AR Policies and Procedures for. · Coordinate the processing of required supply operations reports, IAW DA PamChapter 2 and 3. GO NO GO Conduct random checks of supply documents leaving your activity, IAW AR Appendix B, and ARChapter  · Web view.

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When loss or damage to Government property occurs, a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) is conducted. Army Regulation (AR) governs the FLIPL process, as well as the redress available to Soldiers and Civilians who are recommended for financial liability.

Army Regulation –5 Property Accountability Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC. iv AR –5 † 9 November Contents—Continued Section II Accountable officer, page 81 Accountable officer’s action on a financial liability investigation of property loss † 13–15, page 81 Distribution of financial ability investigations of property loss by.

ar 5 PDF 10, effective 22 September The portions affected Basic requirements for DD Form 13?9, page 53 For Army prepositioned stocks The portions affected Basic requirements for DD Form 13?9, page 53 For Army prepositioned stocks

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